Adhesive Laminating

U.S. Laminating Corp. provides a wide array of laminating services. Lamination, in short, is when two or more independent webs are joined together into a single web. This process can be done by using wax (wax lamination), melted plastic resin (extrusion lamination), or liquid adhesives (adhesive lamination). 

What is Adhesive Laminating? 

There are three types of adhesive lamination: water based, solvent based and solvent-less. The most utilized of the bunch is solvent-less. This is due to the fact that the bonds created with solvent-less adhesives between the laminated webs are one hundred percent destruct in nearly all cases, which then minimizes the risk for delamination with weak or poor bond strength. With this process, you are getting the most sturdy end-product, which in turn saves you money.

Another reason solvent-less lamination is the way to go is due to its quick-drying ability. You save time, which leads to a more productive workday. On top of that, this sort of lamination is better for the environment. Solvent-based adhesives produce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) when manufactured and when these VOC's are emitted into the atmosphere pollute the air pose a health threat to the employees who are exposed to the dangerous fumes. Over the recent years, measures have been taken to limit these dangers. Thus shift is mostly due to the expanded use of solventless laminating processes.

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