Flame Lamination Benefits

Flame lamination is used across many industries and has a wide range of benefits. Chiefly among those is the lack of adhesives used. This saves you money, since an extra expenditure is not used. Also, it eliminates any risk of the adhesive seeping into the bond and causing it to fail. A more durable and long-lasting product is created that is also easier to recycle.

Flame Laminating Process

By being a low cost and highly efficient option, flame lamination present many benefits to those that chose to go that routs. There is a the material flexibility of the process, which can be used on an extensive array of substrates. This can occur as long as the core material is flame laminable. The most common core material is polyurethane foam. Another benefit is the fact that composites can be created with a laminate on only one side of the core or both sides. This is dependent of how exactly you want to utilize the material.

In general, this process is much faster than most other laminating options, so there is a faster turnaround. This leads to a more productive worker and all around business. And the thickness applied is much easier to customize. Utilize any sort of thickness that is required for the task. 

And lastly, as mentioned previously but so important it needs to be brought up again, is the fact that no adhesives are used. This reduces the overall cost and eliminates any adhesive from getting into the bond. The absence of any adhesive makes this process more eco-friendly, as it improves the recycling efforts of the laminate.

Flame Laminating Applications 

There are many applications for with flame lamination is used:

  • Orthopedic padding
  • Automotive interiors 
  • Luggage
  • Costumes
  • Packaging
  • Sports equipment
  • Medical Disposables
  • Many more!

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