Non-Woven Foams

What Are Non-Woven Foams?

Non-woven foams are similar to fabric in material. They are made from short and long fibers and are sealed together through heat, solvent, mechanical or chemical procedures. This material is often used in textile manufacturing to designate specific fabrics that are not knitted or woven including felt or suede.  

Non-woven foams are non-woven materials and foam combined and glue together for many applications including seat cushions and pillows. The soft material provides optimal seating and relaxation comfort for anyone using it. This same material is also used in some bedding components including foam and box spring mattresses. 

There are many benefits to using foam to bind chemicals and other materials. One important one is that there is a decreased potential for binder migration as your foam project dries. Another benefit is that during foam binding, much less water is used helping to conserve water and make this process a more eco-friendly method.

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