About Us

U.S. Laminating: A Trusted Provider Of Industrial Laminating Services

Our business is laminating foams, non-wovens, fabrics, and films for almost every industry and end use. Due to our variety of laminating technologies, and superior in-house engineering, U.S.Laminating Corp. has been able to supply quality-laminated materials to different markets such as healthcare, outerwear, footwear, automotive, marine, industrial and acoustical.

We place a strong emphasis on adapting to demanding customer requirements. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction all areas of our business are monitored for quality and performance. Our extensive product development capabilities enable us to assist our customers to create laminates which will perform to exacting standards.

We have grown by pioneering the use of new materials, and have stayed strong by increasing efficiency while maintaining product quality. U.S.Laminating Corp. inventories a variety of raw materials for established products. All of our orders are manufactured to customer specifications.

In addition to laminating non-wovens, fabrics, urethane and polyethylene foams, fiberfill, and specialty films, we provide services such as slitting, sheeting, and perforating of laminated products. U.S. Laminating's depth of experience has enabled us to master a wide range of materials and products making us leaders in the industrial laminating field.

Whatever your industrial laminating needs are, we have the services to match. Let us provide you with our quality lamination services that your products require. Contact us today for more information about our products and services and let us start helping you.